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Microsoft Outlook

  1. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Microsoft Outlook and Spotify were two that Lisa Sanner from PointIt finds necessary. It's even possible to have multiple users editing them at once – something you can't do with Microsoft Office. OK, it's free if your computer has Microsoft Office...

  2. Psst, Microsoft! Bashing Competitors Isn’t a Marketing Strategy

    It's not centered on showing the benefits of Outlook or showing why Bing creates a better search experience. Let's be real: Microsoft is no stranger to bad advertising campaigns. I don't have to tell you which role has been cast to Microsoft in...

  3. Microsoft Unveils Smartphones with Dedicated Bing Hardware Button

    Sure, there's mobile versions of Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer. Microsoft has created a series of videos demonstrating the new Windows Phones. Watch it and then tell us what you think of Microsoft's announcement by leaving a comment below.

  4. Philosophy and Search: The Big Three Founders and the Philosophers

    This outlook mirrors the universal brotherhood of man as it appears in the works of classical Greek and Roman philosophers, including Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics. Reading the book "Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy...