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  1. Why Yahoo Wants to Move Into Contextual Search and How it Might Work For Them

    After Mayer was named CEO of Yahoo, many people speculated that Yahoo could move back into having their own search engine rather than using their current Microsoft search deal. How can Yahoo convert people to use their search over Google or Bing?

  2. How Video Site NDN is Driving 500 Million+ Video Views Per Month

    NDN ranks ahead of Amazon sites, VEVO, Microsoft sites, Vimeo, and Turner Digital in the latest online video rankings. The top four video content properties in comScore's December 2013 video rankings are well-known brand names...

  3. Could Bing Ever Overtake Google in Search?

    If Microsoft were to integrate search into all of these services and devices and provide a seamless experience, Google may have a hard time keeping their number one place in the search wars. This is where Microsoft can leverage those users to shift...