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  1. Happy Fifth Birthday to Yahoo! Search

    Many of the above things were rolled out over the past, tumultuous year that began with an unsolicited (and ultimately unsuccessful) acquisition attempt by Microsoft and ended with Jerry Yang stepping down as CEO and Autodesk Chairman Carol Bartz...

  2. SearchDay: PPC Advertising: Art or Science?

    For instance, if you have a page for 'purple . Carl Icahn Returns to Letter-Writing; Microsoft Open to Deal with a New Yahoo Board Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 7, 2008 The rumors of Microsoft still being open to a deal with Yahoo are true - with...

  3. Carl Icahn Can't Save Yahoo

    Purple search isn't dead because Yahoo doesn't have access to private landing strips and the cast of "Iron Chef" making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for its employees. Yang said that he bleeds purple and he's the best guy to run Yahoo.

  4. Searching for U.S. Legal News

    Purple People What Ever Happened to Yahoos Millionaires? Dogfooding' determines the fate of new Microsoft products. Google and Yahoo top e-business poll. Yahoo to run celebrity news site. Google News, and news services from other major search...