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Microsoft Google Yahoo Bid Suitor

  1. Microsoft to Stay Firm in Original Yahoo Offer

    Yahoo joined Google's OpenSocial initiative and Microsoft is engaged in a data portability partnership with 5 social networks.But Microsoft is showing a strong hand as a patient suitor. According to published reports, Microsoft is unlikely to...

  2. Yahoo! Goes on a Date with Microsoft

    Just one week after cozying up to AOL, Yahoo met with its patient suitor, Microsoft. With first quarter revenues to be announced soon, pressure is mounting on Yahoo to make a decision about the $44.6 billion bid.

  3. Yahoo Desperately Seeking Suitor: Time Warner

    Yahooo's desperately seeking a suitor. Finding an alternative to Microsoft's unwelcome bid remains Yahoo's focus, according to reports this morning in The Wall St. With a Microsoft proxy battle expected soon, Time Warner's emerging as a white...

  4. Paid Search Advertising Drives Microsoft Bid for Yahoo

    When Microsoft or another suitor finally buys Yahoo , no one need feign surprise. Some reports had attributed Microsoft's urgency to close a Yahoo deal to Google's successful bid for DoubleClick. The Microsoft conference call yielded little new...