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  1. Google, Facebook Briefly Caught in Danish Child Porn Filter

    A Microsoft Forefront and Security Essentials update revealed an “incorrect detection” error that saw flagged as malware. Residents of Greenland and parts of Denmark awoke last Thursday to find they couldn't access Google, Facebook, or...

  2. Top Level Trends of SEM Worldwide in 2010 and 2011

    The leaders of old such as the United States and United Kingdom are still at the forefront, but countries like China, Russia, Brazil, Germany, and France are quickly catching up. Google is the main search engine, with close to 66 percent of the U.S...

  3. Could the Web be the Answer to Economic Plight?

    It's only been about eight years since the power of the Web came to the forefront, out of the shadows of gambling, pills, and porn. Possibly, with help from Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and other subsidiary industries.

  4. Has Yahoo Lost Its Yodel?

    Hence, countries that were lagging behind suddenly jumped to the technological forefront. Is Jerry Yang ready to throw in the towel and partner with Microsoft? In the early years, Yahoo cautiously and adroitly avoided confrontation with Microsoft.

  5. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    Google has been in the forefront of giving advertisers a growing number of non-text, non-banner ad media types: animated (Flash or GIF) banners and video ads for example. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft just snapped up three of the biggest online...

  6. Search and the Law: Attorney Clarke Douglas Walton

    We don't have definitive answers to those questions yet, but those are questions definitely at the forefront of many search marketers thinking about legal issues online. Microsoft’s Ballmer Plays Down ‘Faddish’ Facebook, Plays Up Ad-Supported...