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Michael Stebbins

  1. Seeing New Products and Services in the Expo Hall at SES New York 2010

    ODonnell also interviewed Michael Stebbins, CEO and founder of Market Motive. Market Motive's Michael Stebbins discusses 2010 curriculum at SES New York 2010 Stebbins talked about the teaching staff at Market Motive, including Avinash Kaushik...

  2. SES New York 2010 advanced blog coverage!

    Wiseaff     Thinking of going to SES New YorkAuctionBytes     aimClear's Marty Weintraub discusses SEO, Search MarketingPalatnikFactor    PalatnikFactor covering SES New York 2010GSQi     SES NY 2010 Series: Getting Penalized and Banned in Search...

  3. Market Motive Search Marketing Certification Program

    This web page includes a 2 minute introductory video by Michael Stebbins, CEO and co-founder of Market Motive. Market Motive announced today that they are launching a new search engine marketing certification program.