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  1. This Breaking News Just In - The Meta Keywords Tag is Still Dead!

    He observed, "If somebody would just declare the end of the metatag era, full stop, it would make it easier on everyone. At SMX East this week, Cris Pierry, the Senior Director of Yahoo! Search, surprised everyone by saying that Yahoo!

  2. Going to Search Engine Strategies? In a New York Minute!

    It's just that AltaVista dropped its support for the Meta keywords tag in July 2002, prompting's Andrew Goodman to declare “the end of the metatag era, full stop. Are you going to Search Engine Strategies New York, which will be held...

  3. A Podcasting Paradigm

    I also just discovered the dialogue of each daily lesson is spelled out in the "lyrics" section of each podcast's metatag information. Last time I learned a new language, there wasn't an Internet. Now that I've started Japanese, I'm finding a...