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  1. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    If you only have 1.17 seconds to convince a user to click your listing, make sure your title tags and meta descriptions are short, concise and straight to the point. Optimize meta for more than just keywords.

  2. SEO Diagnostics: Urgent & Preventive Care

    Meta noindex (follow, nofollow): Nice way to exclude content from searches So when search engines start crawling the pages you want everything to line up, from the links in your navigation, to internal links, external backlinks, canonical tags, XML...

  3. Government SEO is Broken

    The use of keyword-rich Meta data: Page title and meta description tags. The Special Position of Government Sites in Search Engines Search engines are often the first step in the user experience, the place people go to find a government form, plan...

  4. Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

    We had an errant meta-refresh tag on the site that accidentally doubled our stats for a few days and also we forgot to add conversion tracking to one of our key business goals. Implement an SEO strategy to increase traffic from search engines.

  5. SEO Techniques for Large Sites: How to Maximize Product Visibility in Organic Search

    The page title and meta description (normally presented in search results as titles and snippet text, respectively) are quite valuable and can strongly influence a listing's click-through rate (CTR). There are other ways to accomplish the same...

  6. International Link Building -- the Best of the Whole World

    Additional robot instructions (meta/Webmaster Central). What Causes the Search Results to Differ in Local Search Engines? Search engines operate internationally and locally. As stated before, TLD is a major factor for search engines to determine...

  7. Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy

    Back in the day, you might have done OK by stuffing your site with meta keywords. Then, the search engines will become smarter and develop methods to address any possible methods of spamming the results.

  8. Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 7-11, 2008

    Others' Trademark Terms In Meta Tags Illegal: Georgia Court RulesThe 11th Circuit Court of Georgia ruled the use of others' trademarks in meta tags infringes trademark laws. European Group Wants to Cut Search Engine Data StorageAlmost a month after...

  9. Yahoo and the Future of Search

    Long ago and far away (well 10 years ago), one of the primary ranking factors used by the search engines was the data in the keyword meta tag on the Web page. Keyword meta tags may be dead as a ranking signal, but there's no reason why a search...