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Message Sender

  1. Could Google Suggest Be Used to Send Coded Messages?

    These 10 extra words are then looked up in a "codebook" shared by receiver and sender that contains all 4000 words, which gives each word a 10-bit binary number. That's the message from a stenography specialist at the Warsaw University of Technology.

  2. Yahoo E-Mail - Send Verification

    While we're all familiar with services from companies such as SpamArrest and Vanquish that ask non-whitelisted senders to verify themselves before a message can be delivered, this is the first time I've had to verify myself as a sender on my own e...

  3. Dirty E-mail Politics in the Big Easy

    It turns out the sender was listed as one Michael Beychok at [email protected] Here's the crux of the message: Real messages from the Jay Batt campaign can only come from someone with a e-mail address and there are only three of those...

  4. Gmail Alerts via an ATOM Feed

    that discuss a new button that's now appearing on Gmail and how it might signal a new feature that will push new email alerts (subject line, the e-mail address of the sender and a brief summary of the e-mail message) to an aggregator using ATOM.

  5. Google Makes Scientology Infringement Demand Public

    The organization published the full text of the letter on its site, removing only the names of the letter's sender and recipient. But the following message appears at the bottom of the result list: Links to Google's DMCA policy page, and to the...