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  1. Leave Your Ego at the Door

    Customers can now take your messages and turn them into their own creations, like one such fan did with some of Apple's marketing around the iPod Touch, or like the Eepy Bird guys did with Diet Coke and Mentos.

  2. Did-It Does It Again - Uninformed Controversy As Publicity

    Viral marketing - funny - kind of like what you are doing with your article - so where do I stick the Mentos? It seems that being controversial is a major way to get new business in the Web 3.0 world over at Did-It, if the company's editor-in-chief...

  3. Dispatch from Supernova

    Oliver Luckett from Revver, which has been hosting the famous Diet Coke and Mentos video from EepyBird, says the video's creators have now netted $23,000 in revenues from their video over 13 days. In fact, Mentos has now come forward to sponsor...