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Mental Health

  1. Clara Schumann Google Doodle Celebrates German Pianist & Composer

    Raising their children, composing and performing, Clara took on most of the household bills and duties as her husband’s mental health deteriorated. Their first meeting took place when she performed in the home of Dr Ernst Carus, the director...

  2. Health Vertical: License and Be Found

    Mindsite focuses on mental health, and has licensed American Psychiatric Association information that was previously unavailable on the open web. This mental health vertical could become another useful, ad-based destination.

  3. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves, AOL, A9 Agree To Release Everything At Once

    Then again, Chris has apparently been spending all the money I've been giving him for fine liquor and whole-grain snacks on other things, degrading my mental health. Called the "Piñata" plan, because of how searchers are to be showered with new...