SEO News


  1. Yandex: Queries Now Influence Search Results, Suggestions 'Within Seconds'

    To instantaneously react to changes in users’ search behavior, we created a real-time data processing system, which processes more than 10 terabytes of data a day, at up to 500 megabytes per second, continuously correcting its knowledge of users...

  2.'s Top Questions of 2009: Refreshing, Existential and Disturbing

    How many megabytes are in a gigabyte? So, it makes sense that their end-of-the-year list features questions instead of keywords. The questions are a refreshing departure from the usual fare seen on the end-of-year lists from other search engines.

  3. Lycos Revamps Email Offering

    Storage has been increased to 3 gigabytes (up from 5 megabytes) and file attachments of any size are now allowed. Lycos mail has been revamped. The company is keen to encourage users to swop and move large media files around to support moves to...

  4. Web Archaeology: Yahoo! Relics

    In May 1995, Yahoo was running on four loaned servers at Netscape, and the size of its database was only about 30 megabytes. Do you remember what Yahoo looked like in 1994? Most people, even early users, don't remember the simple bare-bones, ad...