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Meeting Current Board

  1. Industry confronts hard choices in CCP recovery debate

    On the same day, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) issued a more wide-ranging report on resolution planning. We think it would be fairer to take variation margin and initial margin and haircut the total across the board, and have a uniform...

  2. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    In fact, PayPal has already tried to eliminate the current privacy board, in favor of a weakened set of guiding principles. You can see evidence of the NSTIC appearing internally from Google across the board.

  3. Marissa Mayer Nominated to Walmart Board of Directors

    Marissa Mayer, Google vice president, local and maps, has been nominated to join Walmart’s board of directors. This would be Mayer's first board seat at a major corporation. The election will take place June 1 during the annual shareholder meeting.

  4. Yahoo CEO Bartz Survives the 2011 Shareholder Meeting

    Bringing Carol Bartz on board as Yahoo's CEO in 2009 was meant to be part of a major turnaround for the company, but Yahoo's market share continues to flounder. Despite criticism, however, Bartz received support from the board of directors and won...

  5. Islamic inroads

    Isda says a second meeting by IIFM's board of Sharia experts is slated to take place in January to further discuss the Ta'Hawwut hedging master agreement. With the current financial crisis, the need for such financing has become more pressing.

  6. Will Yahoo Be Counting Hanging Chads?

    With so much disappointment in the Yahoo board among shareholders, how did Chairman Roy Bostock and CEO Jerry Yang manage to get more votes this year than at last year's shareholders meeting? On the one hand, perhaps fewer people wished to vote...

  7. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Twas the Monday After the Yahoo Shareholder Meeting Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 4, 2008 The Yahoo shareholder meeting has come and gone without much fanfare, thanks to the settlement between the Yahoo board and Carl Icahn to keep the current...

  8. 'Twas the Monday After the Yahoo Shareholder Meeting

    The Yahoo shareholder meeting has come and gone without much fanfare, thanks to the settlement between the Yahoo board and Carl Icahn to keep the current board but expand it by 3 seats post-meeting. And even though the current board was re-elected...

  9. Peace In Our Time: Icahn Gets Yahoo Board Offer

    Seems Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang has made an end move to stop the bickering between the usurpers and his current slate of board members. They have offered Carl Icahn a spot on the new board along with another of his proposed new slate of candidates...

  10. Yahoo and Carl Icahn Agree to Settlement

    He will vote his shares for the current board at the August 1 shareholders meeting. Yahoo's board will expand to 11 members, but only 8 of the current board will stay on. The list will be the 8 remaining members of Icahn's now-cancelled proxy board...

  11. Legg Mason Continues Support Yahoo's Current Board

    Now the investor group is continuing its support of Yahoo and plans to vote for the current board at the upcoming August 1 shareholders meeting. Icahn has submitted a proxy board to replace the current board and has been in talks with Microsoft for...

  12. Another Microsoft Offer, Another Yahoo Rejection

    The Microsoft/Icahn proposal would require the immediate replacement of the current Board and removal of the top management team at Yahoo! That sale would be overseen by Carl Icahn and his board. Board believes these moves would destabilize Yahoo!

  13. Yahoo Sends Shareholders Letter About Google, Microsoft

    Your Current Board of Directors Has the Knowledge, Experience and to Microsoft, even though he had no knowledge of the sustained efforts made by your current board and management to determine whether Microsoft was willing to engage in a transaction...

  14. Yahoo! AMP! plus Full Text: Yahoo Proxy Statement

    We believe that the reelection of our current board is in the best interests of Yahoo! Under the leadership of the current board and management team we are executing on our strategy to create value that is gaining traction.

  15. Yahoo's Call for Search Developers: Bad Timing?

    On the flip side, Yahoo is needing to show its strength more than ever if Jerry Yang and the current Board of Directors hope to come out victorious at the August 1 shareholders meeting. In the midst of preparing for a proxy board fight brought on...