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  1. Google Axes iGoogle, Chatback & Google Mini

    Google Talk Chatback: Google is shutting down their Google Talk website widget in favor of the Meebo bar. This makes sense, considering Google recently paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million to acquire social platform Meebo.

  2. Google Buys Meebo in an Effort to Beef Up Google+ Engagement

    Social platform Meebo has announced their acquisition by Google. Meebo started out as an instant messaging service, but expanded into social publisher tools. Founded in 2005, Meebo is based in Mountain View, California, and has an audience of about...

  3. Meebo to Offer Social Ads to Partner Sites

    In the second quarter of 2009, instant messaging client Meebo will begin offering its social ad platform to partner sites. Meebo says their key ad metrics include: x higher click rates than typical ads on social media sites click rates on average...