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Medical Record

  1. Google Images Define Words in New Dictionary

    Ben laid out the sadest truth when he said, “It’s really an unfiltered, uncritical record of the state of human culture in 2012,” concludes Ben. I would estimate about half of the book is revolting medical photos, porn, racism or bad cartoons.

  2. Search Marketing and Social Media in Regulated Industries

    Companies in healthcare and insurance need to ensure that their technology infrastructure, record-keeping, and privacy policies are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

  3. Google+: Apps Support, Sergey Brin's Addiction, Real Names and Identity Provider Accreditation

    For example, the requirement that doctors input medical record information as opposed to the patients themselves was a productivity killer, he said. Users will be allowed to use pseudonyms soon, as Google plans to relax their controversial real...

  4. The Truth About Big Brother Databases

    Any transaction or event that generates a public record may find its way online. If you purchase a home, for example, information about the sale, including the sale price, amount mortgaged, and the mortgagor, becomes public record.