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  1. SearchDay | Interpreting Keyword Reports

    MySpace offered up the following steps for advertisers to get started: STEP 1: Visit or click the "Advertise" link located . MySpace Launches Self-Service Ad Platform Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 13, 2008 MySpace has...

  2. The Universal Mastery of Video Content

    They may be targeted to a specific type of content, in the case of YouTube, or to a specific niche, such as the musician and comedian profiles on MySpace. MySpace Video, AOL Video, and Metacafe also present excellent opportunities for video content.

  3. Barack Obama is Rocking the Youth Vote

    He goes beyond MySpace and Facebook, and his campaign team holds actual conversations with members. She is well-versed in many areas of search marketing, with a particular focus on natural search optimization, vertical search, social media, and...