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  1. Marketers Talk Hummingbird, '(Not Provided)' & More Ahead of SES Chicago 2013

    I should disclose that SES Chicago is a client of my agency. MD: Create an easier AdWords experience as the AdWords enhanced campaigns are far too time consuming for most small-/medium-size businesses.

  2. Meetup Groups Talk Industry Changes, Budgets, and Q4 Tips Ahead of SES San Francisco

    I should disclose that SES San Francisco is a client of my agency. Jonah Stein: Dig deep and audit your SEO and PPC campaigns to find under-performing pages and fix them now. It's imperative to create an annual marketing calendar and strategy so...

  3. Leveraging Twitter & Facebook Ads at #SESChi

    At digital marketing agency TPG, Freid uses social to communicate with customers and to extend his clients’ reach into new audiences. AimClear’s Online Marketing Account Manager Morud lives and breathes Facebook marketing; she’s managed ad...