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Media Campaign Measure Results

  1. Native Advertising for Small Business: The Missing Link?

    About 49 percent of big businesses find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of content marketing. Since a successful search marketing campaign is often contingent on its content marketing, it’s important to develop a good strategy.

  2. Content Marketing: The 4 Most Critical Components to Measure & Analyze

    Therefore, when you analyze the performance of your content marketing, you should treat each of these components separately and measure them using different metrics. From all four components, message is the hardest to measure and analyze.

  3. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    Certainly the case can be made that recent changes with keyword "(not provided)" has impacted our ability to measure SEO performance. And, because it's hard to measure ROI in links, it typically wasn't the first choice for a lot of marketers who...

  4. Attention Digital Marketing Director: Read This for Your Social Media Success

    That's why it's crucial for digital marketing directors to plan ahead and constantly have someone qualified on their team to measure the results of related programs and campaigns against the time, effort and spend dedicated to social media marketing.

  5. Structured Data: Content, Rich Snippets & Authorship vs. Author Rank

    Since authorship is tied closely to Google+ some people say that the whole idea of AuthorRank is difficult to measure. How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO Campaign The way that this content and data is structured and presented in...

  6. 10 Vital Steps to Building Social Influence

    Most seek to build influence; measure influence; and yes, some will even attempt to sell influence. Social media and mobile devices played significant roles in the campaign, which leveraged the fundamentals of community organizing to fundamentally...