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  1. Social Customer Service Secrets to Avoid Negative Search Results

    Now buyers are in charge of relationships with the companies they choose to do business with, and when it comes to selling and customer service, search and social have never been more important. Search results beware and be aware, customer service...

  2. Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content

    Connect with a new audience of buyers. Much is hyped about the value and "magic" of social media marketing. Right? Well, maybe, if you know how to get the right kinds of attention from other influencers in your community.

  3. The Smart Way to Optimize Your Amazon Sales Strategy

    Amazon reports that only 10 to 20 percent of buyers leave feedback after their purchases. Since we can’t compel buyers to leave feedback, here are some tips to increase your chances of success: Request feedback via your seller account from buyers...

  4. 4 Critical Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Team

    Do your customers ever get buyers' regret? Ideally, your expertise covers a range of channels from SEO to social media, video, audio, and visual channels. More than any other type of marketing endeavor, the composition and talents of the executing...

  5. 4 Ways B2B SEO Tactics Augment Event Marketing Initiatives

    In this way, they very much play the same role as other content; that of helping buyers identify challenges and scope solutions to those challenges. Online events in particular present a significant SEO and social media tie-in.

  6. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    But the buyers fishing in the digital talent pool are suffering from a case of buyer's remorse! Having a social media page is not necessarily a qualification. That is if you're selling digital marketing services in the form of social media, content...