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  1. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Just Kicked Off

    In fact, both football fans and digital marketers can now get a sneak peek of some of this year's Big Game ads on the YouTube Ad Blitz pregame gallery. Both football fans and digital marketers can check out the Ad Blitz channel to see "DORITOS...

  2. Social Media in the NFL

    SEO Blitz: Are You Ready for Some Football! Last August the NFL announced its social media policy. In it they announced that players were allowed to use social media sites, but not from 90 minutes before a game through post game media interviews.

  3. SEO is Alive and Well and Looking for a Fight at SES London

    Murrow's on the CBS Radio Network during the Blitz, which began with what became his signature opening, “This is London. The global KDM officer of Acronym Media understands both traditional marketing and search engine algorithms, a rare combination...

  4. Top ten stories from SES Chicago 2008 for Day 3

    Mike Sachoff of WebProNews covered the the “SEM Small Business Blitz” session the speakers focused on how to use social media in an affordable and practical way. Today's list of top ten stories from SES Chicago 2008 is just a small sample of all...

  5. AOL's Platform-A Collaborates with T-mobile for 2 Day, Billion Impression Ad Blitz

    AOL's Platform-A has collaborated with T-mobile for a two day ad blitz. The T-Mobile G1 offers a rich, accessible mobile Web experience for the masses, so we want to drive that message to the broadest range of U.S.consumers possible,” said Brett...

  6. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 3

    SES NY: SEM Blitz On Small Business Om Malik of GigaOM says, “Almost a year ago, writing for GigaOM, Robert Young posted a piece that billed Google as a media company and eventually more a destination in the classic media sense.