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  1. An Integrated Marketing Blueprint to Grow Sales & ROI in 2014

    Social media has become the ultimate delivery mechanism for quality content and direct engagement with customers of brands in all industries. For many brands, SEO, social media, email marketing, conversion, content marketing, mobile, and website...

  2. Marines Launch New Pandora-inspired YouTube Brand Channel

    We recognized early on that we had a broad range of video content that appealed to an even broader audience, and wanted to empower the audience to create their own content delivery mechanism based on their unique wants and needs.

  3. 10 Steps to a Successful SEO Migration Strategy

    Coding the content map into the servers redirect mechanism, whether it’s Apache or IIs, is a critical part of your strategy. Check to make sure if you’re migrating to a new system or page design that there are no site-wide or technical issues that...

  4. Sparring over global valuation

    Vladimir Piterbarg, head of quantitative research at Barclays Capital in London, sees it similarly: “Using hedge ratios is a very effective hedging mechanism. No amount of computational data would allow you to design a global model that would be as...

  5. Every Picture Tells a Story: Non-text Contextual Ads

    The button simultaneously provides the action mechanism and sets up the pre-sale by telling the visitor what they should do when they click through to the site. First, the overall design suggests a college diploma at first glance, which should...

  6. US Pensions - Clash over fair valuation for public sector pensions

    The more light that comes to bear on our board meetings, the more beneficial it is, and it is a breaking mechanism against the forces pushing us to one extreme," he said. According to Laurie Hacking, executive director of the Minnesota Teachers...

  7. Commodities offer alpha win

    It is important to recognise the feedback mechanism between prices and changes in supply and demand. Risk design/control Investors are drawn to commodities because historically commodity futures have offered a risk premium similar to that of equities.

  8. Are Search Advertisers Paying More than they Need To?

    GSP is tailored to its unique environment, and neither the mechanism nor the environment have previously been studied in the mechanism design literature. Under the current mechanism, if they don't think carefully about their bidding strategies...