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Matt Wells

  1. Gigablast Increases Number of Pages Indexed

    Those of you who track total index size (or at least what the engines tell us) might be interested in learning that Matt Wells and his team at Gigablast have posted an increase to their total. Gigablast now lists 1,500,103,760 pages indexed on...

  2. Gigablast Passes the One Billion Page Mark

    A congrats and kudos goes out to Matt Wells (and his team) as the Gigablast web index passes the one billion page mark. If you're interested in learning more about Matt Wells and Gigablast, take a look at this interview he did with Infoseek founder...

  3. Gigablast Now Offering XML Search Feeds

    Matt Wells has posted instructions along with a complete list of parameters that any one can use in building a query (cool! The list of new services and tools at Gigablast continues to expand. In the past few weeks I've posted about: