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Matt Spiegel

  1. Microsoft-Yahoo: Search Marketing Trends That Matter

    The Microsoft-Yahoo bid put the spotlight on big winners and big losers in the search game. Your life won't change tomorrow as the acquisition plays out in the media. Here are eight trends that will change your company's search engine strategies.

  2. SEW Experts: SEM Mentors: The Apprentice

    In today's Search Ads column, "SEM Mentors: The Apprentice," Matt Spiegel shares an exchange with an SEW reader, an SEM apprentice turned mentor. In a previous column, it was suggested that the search marketing industry needs to take responsibility...

  3. SEW Experts: Search Marketing Staffing Crisis

    In today's Search Ads column, "Search Marketing Staffing Crisis," Matt Spiegel offers a solution to the search marketing staffing crisis, but it's going to require some outreach on all our parts. There's a tradeoff most people face in the process...

  4. SEW Experts: Search and Brand Authenticity

    In today's Search Ads column, "Search and Brand Authenticity," Matt Spiegel tries to get to the bottom of this paradox. CMO life expectancy shrinks. Search for brand authenticity grows. With the need to market an authentic brand, it's time for...

  5. Machines In Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of Selectric Sheep? Part 2

    I borrowed the phrase "brain food" from Matt Spiegel, the SEW Expert who gave our readers an inside ticket to Google Zeitgeist, the exclusive partner summit. SEW Matt explains (no cuts) some of what's lost in translation at Google Zeitgeist and why.