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Mathematical Function

  1. Valentine's Day 2012 Google Doodle Animates Tony Bennett's ‘Cold, Cold Heart’

    Since December, typing a mathematical function into Google’s search box has returned solutions in the form of an interactive graph. The blue function creates the heart; the red function creates the top half of the circle; and the orange function...

  2. Google Adds Graphing Capabilities to Search Results

    When you type in a mathematical function on Google, the search results will now contain an interactive graph of the function you just entered. Both standard language (cos of x squared, for example) and the actual mathematical symbols are accepted.

  3. 7 Reasons Why Google Instant Makes SEO Dead-on Relevant

    The results the search engine returned, were at best, a guess based on mathematical relationships in contrast to a set of identified keywords. Form To Function What emerges from their objections is that there is a fundamental disconnect between the...