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  1. U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy Asks Attorney General for More Info On Web Search Subpeonas

    For more on the Internet, privacy, keeping "objectionable" material from minors on the Internet and more, here's a collection of reports from the Congressional Research Service. You've got to wonder if Congressional hearings might be in the works...

  2. Full Text Reports from the Congressional Research Service on Internet Privacy, Net Technology, and Protecting Children from "Unsuitable Material"

    Federal legislation (and related issues) dealing with Internet privacy, Internet technology, and the protection of children from "unsuitable material on the web," here are a few research reports from the non-partisan and highly respected...

  3. Gems from the Congressional Research Service

    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a highly respected non-partisan research organization based at the U.S. Remember, what you do find on the web is just a small portion of the Congressional Research Service's total output.