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  1. Google Warns WordPress Site Owners To Update

    Its marketshare is vast. The Google Webmaster team is now notifying webmasters who are using an older version of the popular content management and blogging software WordPress. Apparently as early as last week, State of Search reports, users whose...

  2. Is Twitter a Google Killer? Not Yet

    Most recently, it's Twitter search that's expected to push into Google's marketshare. Warning: today's column is strictly editorial, so those of you looking for actionable tips might want to check back in next week.

  3. SearchDay: Content? Content. Content!

    Yahoo Snags Search Ad Marketshare Gain at Google's Expense Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 11, 2008 Analytics firm Covario says Yahoo gained paid search advertising at the expense of Google in the second quarter of 2008.