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Marketing Plan Strategies Key Trends

  1. How to Start a Realistic International SEO Campaign

    The key here is being comprehensive in everything that you do, and having a backup plan for the things that might not be possible just yet. Instead, include them as part of a medium-term or long-term plan, but put your efforts behind the things...

  2. Key Factors to Effective Competitive Analysis as a Small Business

    Use your competitors to figure that all out, and go from there to implement your own plan. Well, the logical answer would be to start with a realistic business plan, but that plan should also contain competitive analysis as a mainstream part of it.

  3. Combining Content Marketing, Conferences & Viral Content In 3 Simple Steps

    When people plan for events and conferences many people think first about specific event strategy – demand generation, networking, exhibit space, and sales goals. Research and list every topic, every session and every speaker and plan content and...

  4. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    Brands must be moving at the same pace their consumers are and have a plan in place for augmented reality usage as it relates to navigation, content delivery, and product experiences. Brands must build image-focused marketing strategies aimed at...

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