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  1. Are the Brains of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Sartorially Challenged?

    Fionn Downhill Dances to the Beat of Viral Marketing Also earning a spot on the SEM Top 10 list is Fionn Downhill, the well-respected CEO and President of Elixir Interactive. And since the press release had hurt the feelings of one or more of my...

  2. Elixir Interactive Online Reputation Management Case Study

    What is unusual is that the interactive marketing agency, which provides online reputation management and search engine optimization services, and it's well-respected CEO and President, Fionn Downhill, are the targets of a mean-spirited and...

  3. Testing Apple iPad Tablet in New Rutgers Mini-MBA Digital Marketing Program

    Kennedy, the Founder & MP of Beyond Ink and the FP & CMO of, interviewed Fionn Downhill, the CEO and President of Elixir Interactive, about the problems created because many of today's college marketing courses still omit search...

  4. Agency Leadership -- Imparting Your Vision

    I've looked at setting up your SEM, finding clients, marketing your agency, selling your services, recruiting the right people, and training your staff. Over the past few months we've talked about how to build and grow your SEM business.

  5. SEW Experts: Training Your Search Marketing Employees

    In today's Business of Search column, "Training Your Search Marketing Employees - Part 1," Fionn Downhill outlines some of her training methods for new search agency employees. Your employees are the most important asset of your business.

  6. Recruiting the Right People for Your SEM - Part 2

    The Search Marketing Job Ad I always give applicants two tests during the initial interview -- a personality test and a basic search marketing test. Today, we'll look at the actual hiring process, job ads, candidate evaluation, and the interviews.

  7. Sales and Your Search Marketing Agency - Part 2

    There are many challenges involved in selling search marketing services, including the different types of prospects, how to thrive in a competitive marketplace, and whether you should hire a sales professional.