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  1. Actionable Insights You Can Find in Google Analytics Multi-Channel Reports

    By focusing on the top converting paths by adjusting marketing messages between channels for consistency and ensuring the right ad frequency, my agency increased revenues by an additional 10 percent (holding all other KPIs constant).

  2. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    Take off the masks and you might find a traditional public relations professional, agency, or marketing firm. We see far too many people want to get into social media, but have no B2B experience," said Erin Everhart, director of digital marketing...

  3. Promote Yourself: 5 Rules for Career Success From Dan Schawbel

    It doesn't matter if you work at Google or own of your own agency – the workplace is transient. Being the Senior Marketing Manager or calling yourself the Chief Dragon (as I often do) are relational concepts; as in who you are in relation to...

  4. The Search Agency Launches Local Search Campaign Management Platform

    Traditional search agency services were developed for large clients and are service-intensive, The Search Agency says. The Search Agency has launched an automated alternative that lets search resellers get better results for small businesses doing...