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  1. Jeffrey Hayzlett To Keynote at SES London 2011 in Cowboy Boots

    He is cited as a leading marketing expert in numerous books, magazines, and newspapers worldwide, and is a frequent television guest and commentator, having appeared on shows including CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox Business News, and...

  2. Finding Recession-Proof SEM Jobs

    Others have suggested becoming a search marketing apprentice. There are many options for a marketer interested in getting some SEM training, both through online search marketing courses, and in-person training.

  3. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    While acknowledging the slant in some recent pieces, he cited a glowing piece about Lucas Morea, a search marketer who is portrayed as an innovator with a cool job, and the "normalcy" of David Karandish as portrayed on Martha Stewart's The...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Sept. 28, 2005: Google Moving To NASA (Offices), Dropping Euro Commissions, Yahoo Preps Tools On Search Buzz, Releases Desktop Search From Beta, A Search Marketer On The Apprentice

    Marketer A Candidate On The Apprentice Plus, a search marketer on The Apprentice and more! Ames site, removing commissions for European advertisers and unifying logons, while Yahoo is prepping new tools to measure search buzz and releasing its...