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  1. Search Marketing in Brazil: Report from SES Latino

    The fact is: Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country, so language is one of the barriers keeping Latin-american companies out of our market. That means not everyone would be able to succeed regionally and probably aware of that, they keep...

  2. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    If you are buying links, make sure they're from Latin American sites. For Latin American shopping search sites. Google has the largest search share in most Latin American countries, with Yahoo and MSN typically in the runners-up positions.

  3. SES Latino -- Interview with Conference Chair Nacho Hernandez

    Nacho Hernandez, founder and CEO of iHispanic, a consulting firm for search marketing and Internet strategy for the worldwide Hispanic markets, shares with Search Engine Watch correspondent Grant Crowell about his chairing of Search Engine...

  4. Planning your Search Strategy for the Latino Market

    Right now the Latino market, especially the Latin American market, is several years behind the in complexity of search queries. According to research data provided by MidiaClick, nearly a whopping three-quarters of the current of Latin...