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Market Share Advertising Second Quarter

  1. U.S. Hotel Industry Could Be Losing $1.9 Billion From Branded Search Terms

    Online bookings grew from 33% of all bookings in 2007 to 40% in 2010, and another quarter of total bookings are influenced by online customer research. Competitive brandjacking is a problem which affects almost every strong online market...

  2. Mobile Search Marketing for BRIC -- Country by Country

    With only a quarter of Brazilian households hooked up to fixed broadband, mobile Internet seems poised to connect many more to the net. Baidu comfortably controls the search engine market in China, with its 75 percent market share (Google is in...

  3. Google AdWords Trademark Case Victory, AOL Revenue Tumbling And More

    The company has reported a net loss of $1.06 billion, or $9.89 per share for the second quarter. More bad search and advertising revenue news also came from News Corp's Digital Media Group, who attributed its widened fourth-quarter loss to MySpace...

  4. Consumers Head Online for Local Business Information

    Google Maps usage grew from 15 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2008 to the number one local search site in the second quarter of 2009 with 24 percent market share, according to the comScore IYP/Local Combo to enlarge

  5. Why is Russia's Yandex the Fastest Growing Search Engine?

    Its economy shrank by an annual rate of 9.8 percent during the first quarter of 2009 and only now is it showing the first green shoots. Rambler, which used to hold a strong second place in Russian search engines, has declared heavy losses this year...

  6. SearchDay | Launch Google Freedom Now

    ChaCha experienced an 800% growth rate in the second quarter of 2008. They tied Yahoo in mobile search market share by the end of June 2008. ChaCha is Fastest Growing Mobile Text Search Service Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 17, 2008 Since...

  7. SearchDay: Content? Content. Content!

    Yahoo Snags Search Ad Marketshare Gain at Google's Expense Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 11, 2008 Analytics firm Covario says Yahoo gained paid search advertising at the expense of Google in the second quarter of 2008.