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Marital Status

  1. The Buzz on Search and Social Signals: Building Informed Cross-Channel Strategies

    On Facebook, for example, a user’s personal profile information (such as age, gender, marital status), engagement with brand pages and stated Interests can be used to target specific audiences. The consumer path to purchase has become much more...

  2. The Bitter Harvest: The Redzone Saga Continues (Linden Lab Has a Problem on Its Hands)

    Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident --including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a...

  3. 5 Ways to Create an Online Buzz

    You can target advertising at your most likely audience, choosing gender, age, marital status, and more. Now, unless you're a mega brand like Apple (or you do something dreadfully wrong! you're never going to have international online buzz.

  4. Dear Lucky Winner: Yahoo-Google Inc. $900,000 Online Scam

    Marital Status: 4. Even if you truly believe you've won $900,000 in the nonexistent 2008 Yahoo/Google Award promotion, please do NOT respond to the following inquiry. Sure it might be a good idea for Yahoo to incentivize searchers with Yahoo share...