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Marginal Cost

  1. How the 'Digital Endcap' Can Help Improve Online Retailers’ Bottom Lines

    The retailer is able to further monetize the traffic it’s already generating, at virtually zero marginal cost, by providing ad inventory. The holiday retail season is upon us and once again billions of dollars will be spent on advertising to drive...

  2. How Local Small Businesses are Evolving Their Online Marketing Strategies

    A lot of it comes down to the marginal cost of investing in web analytics and whether you have the money to get into the game,” Dahan said. But it’s equally important to listen to small business owners, especially of the brick-and-mortar variety...

  3. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    At what point do we decide that we need to trade some security, for cost effectiveness and some marginal degree of convenience? What is reasonable, and what tips over the line to "fundamentally not cost effective" and "would make the entire system...

  4. Effective Search Marketing Strategy Determines Fate of Organizations

    In the New Normal, what matters most is to acquire relevant customers at a marginal cost that is lower than your competitors. There is indeed a cost to doing nothing and those costs and risks are exponentially growing.

  5. US power markets switch to nodal trading

    For each node this combines the cost of energy, the transmission congestion cost and the marginal cost of losses that occur as electricity is transmitted. By pricing in the cost of congestion, this method can be used to more efficiently manage...

  6. Sparring over global valuation

    The key idea behind global valuation is to identify factors – for example, the US dollar interest rate curve and euro curve, along with forex rates and credit default swap curves – and develop a single high-quality model for each marginal...

  7. Waiting and watching the regulators

    I would not anticipate that this would have a negative impact on the growth of the hedge fund industry,” says Briant, “although it will increase the cost of launching and maintaining a hedge fund and may eliminate some of the more marginal funds.

  8. Choose the Right SEO Project Goals

    The cousin of this is seeking out a target cost per link, which I covered in "Cost Per Link is a Bad Metric. The problem is that those 100 links may have marginal results on their business, and really do little to grow it.

  9. Building a Data-Driven Organization

    Many organizations invest in analytics, but only see marginal results. You organization likely has limited resources for executing, so you should focus them on things that bring big returns (such as lowering the cost of your PPC campaigns by 20...

  10. Diagnosing unilateral market power in electricity reserves market

    The margins averaged at least 20% for the two highest quality types of reserves, regulation and spinning, generating millions of dollars in transfers to a handful of sellers.We attribute the deviations from marginal cost pricing to the markets...

  11. Commodities offer alpha win

    The back end is driven by the marginal cost of production and changes slowly. Investors are drawn to commodities because historically commodity futures have offered a risk premium similar to that of equities.