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  1. 'Geo-Conquesting' Drives Customers Away from Local Competition with Mobile Ads [Study]

    As a result, provide one-click access to things such as phone number, location map or map and driving directions. So what should you consider if you're interested in conquering your local competition with mobile ads?

  2. 2013: Tipping Point for Mobile Ad Monetization

    Ranging from calls – which reflect high quality leads across both traditional and digital platforms – to map views, directions, lookups, and reservation bookings, these proven metrics help advertisers confirm which mobile ad channels, formats, and...

  3. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement

    Notice how crystal clearly these factors map to Google’s business objectives. Appropriate geotargeting is mission critical for any local business competing on AdWords. Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing...