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  1. Social Media ROI Metrics Main Stumbling Block For Brands' Global Campaigns [Poll]

    A poll by Harris Interactive for Buddy Media showed that brands are hampered by finding the right ROI metrics in their adoption of social media campaigns to reach locally, on a global scale. Harris conducted the Buddy Media poll on line, talking to...

  2. 4 Ways That Facebook Can Make Big Money

    Or you could send your buddy a quick icon of a six-pack of Corona that has a redeemable coupon code. As a user, it's much more helpful for me to see a list of results of what baby seats my friends purchased, how much they paid, and what their...

  3. SearchDay | Launch Google Freedom Now and Buddy Media Team Up for Social 'App-vertising' Solution Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 17, 2008 is a social advertising network. Buddy Media is a social media consulting and analytics company (i.e.they have clients!