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  1. Conquering Content Marketing, Step 2: The Content (and Plot) Develops

    Lisa's team wrote on the company's blog almost every day, but it was a ghost town, and the only social activity was from a group of conservative moms who criticized the ads as too provocative, which they were; Don had made sure of it!

  2. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Advertisers should find a way to be a part of these social media conversations due to the fact that social media has helped push social shopping online in the country. The most common active mobile ads are mobile search ads (Baidu, Qihoo360) and...

  3. Mobile Marketing: Connecting With Your Audience on the Move

    Eric mentioned that for upper funnel campaigns, which are generally use richer ads, mobile is included with media buys. He has seen engagement rates in tablets more engagements then display ads. Dana noted that 25 percent of all social media users...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    PPC Ads: Estimated _____(#) clicks at $_____(CPC) display or ad costs. Consider social ads, sponsored tweets, emails announcing social promotions, etc. Measuring social media ROI can be a daunting task, but not impossible.

  5. Facebook Exchange: Real-Time Ad Bidding & Retargeting Set to Launch Soon

    Real-time bidding will account for about 27 percent of the projected $18.9 billion to be spent on display ads in 2015, according to researcher IDC. Real-time bidding–based display advertising sales will take the online advertising...