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Many Ads Advertising Program Targeted

  1. Google Grants Cannabis Group $240,000 in AdWords Money & Other Products

    Our regular Grants program was approved for this organization as a certified 501(3)(c) non-profit to run ads that comply with our policies. In a January post on Search Engine Watch, Amman Badlani talked about recent changes to the Google Grants...

  2. Google AdWords Keyword Match Types and Negatives: The Ultimate Guide

    However, mastering effective use of keywords is one of the simplest ways to run a highly relevant PPC program. When you add terms as negative keywords called "keyword exclusions" for Display Network targeted campaigns, ads won't show on sites that...

  3. Google Grants: An Introductory Search Advertising Guide for Nonprofits

    As mentioned above, AdWords ads that are run through the Google Grants program have a $2 max CPC. Note: in the recent past Google offered a Grantspro program for eligible nonprofit advertisers to receive up to $40,000 in free advertising per month...

  4. Facebook Ads 80% Bot Claim, Examined! Why You Shouldn’t Lose Faith Just Yet

    Facebook has systems in place that attempt to detect and filter certain click activity, including repetitive clicks from a single user, clicks that appear to be from an automated program or bot, or clicks that are otherwise abusive, their...

  5. Richard Petty Driving Experience Revs Up Fan Engagement 700% on YouTube

    One of the biggest advantages of the TrueView program, and one that is too often lost in the shuffle, said Antal, is the 30-day remarketing option in TrueView, which enables advertisers to reach out to site visitors who didn’t buy, but are self...

  6. WordPress Launches WordAds - Because 'You Deserve Better Than AdSense'

    A partnership between WordPress and Federated Media Publishing gives bloggers another monetization option, with an opt-in ad program available exclusively to bloggers, designed to rival Google’s AdSense.

  7. Twitter Debuts Analytics Platform, Expands Promoted Tweets Distribution

    The platform is also integrated with the feed, allowing users to retweet or respond from within the analytics program. The ads as tweets launched earlier this summer, though users would only see Promoted Tweets for brands they already followed.