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  1. 5 Invaluable (And Free!) Tools Every Online Marketer Should Get to Know

    Search and contextual ad writing (when not working in ads UI) While there’s certainly nothing wrong with watching a tutorial on Cool New Site X or getting a free trial of Wow Super New Program Y, it’s important to show those tried and true tools...

  2. U.S. Hotel Industry Could Be Losing $1.9 Billion From Branded Search Terms

    Consider creating ad landing page policy for channel partners that forbids offering contextual ads or suggestion alternative hotels. Your monitoring program will identify instances of competitive ‘bait and switch’, which is actionable with the...

  3. Replicating the Web: Will Google Dominate Mobile Search?

    So the plan is essentially to build a large contextual ad network and a base of search traffic on one end. This is an extension of its existing AdSense for Mobile program, and is no surprise. Before Google was a search behemoth with 63 percent U.S...

  4. Chitika Sees 200% Growth in Premium Ads for 2008

    Contextual advertising network Chitika has announced that their Premium Ads product has seen 200% growth in 2008. Because of that, they're comparing the program to search engine ads. The ads are now being served on the sites of 34,000 publishers.

  5. Google Responds to FTC's Self-Regulatory Principles

    As currently drafted, the proposed principles would apply to contextual advertising, which we define as advertising that is provided in response to the current activities of a user. In essence, then, our contextual advertising allows for the...

  6. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    To successfully buy contextual ads, it helps to understand why it's so important now. Tips, tricks, and advice to manage contextual ad campaigns will be my focus. Web site owners of all sizes flocked to the new Google AdSense program.

  7. Going to SES Chicago for the first time

    Clinics Track am-10:00am: Contextual Ads & Ad Sense Clinic am-11:15am: Landing Page Optimization Clinic am-12:30pm: Site Clinic Hybrid Track am-11:15am: Personalization, User Data & Search am-12:30pm: Your Marketing Program in Context pm-2...