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  1. Daily SearchCast, August 2, 2006: Google To Put Advertisers On XM Radio; Bloglines Develops Feed Exclusion Tag; More Matt Cutts SEO Tips Videos & More!

    Today's search podcast covers Google to put radio ads from advertisers on XM Signs Deal With XM Radios To Distribute Ads In Satellite Radio Spots Radio; Bloglines develops a way to block RSS feeds from being indexed; Google's Matt Cutts does more...

  2. Daily SearchCast, July 13, 2006: SES Latino; Yahoo's Expansion To US Hispanic Sites; Google Does Radio Ads Survey & More!

    Consulting Group Fed Up With Google AdSense Wired has a story on AdSense, not Google AdSense, but AdSense Consulting, the company who registered back in 1996. AdSense Here's the official statement from the Google Maps API Blog.