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Manchester United

  1. 5 Facebook Timeline Brand Page User Insights and Tips for Marketers [Study]

    They examined six different implementations of Timeline for brands, using American Express, Pizza Hut, Manchester United, Gap, Coldplay and Coca-Cola as examples. Users find some elements confusing, such as unexpanded apps and the “See More” breaks...

  2. Liverpool FC Fans Invited to Enjoy a Pint with Citizen of Red Sox Nation at SES London 2011

    They're the Manchester United of baseball. Bollocks. This lead me to read the accounts of the same story from the other side of the pond that are indexed by Google News. According to Click Liverpool, "Liverpool fans are hopeful that New England...

  3. UK Election 2010: Lessons Learned from Watching First Social Media Battle of Britain

    The first leaders' debate was held April 15 in Manchester on ITV. What about endorsements by the national newspapers in the United Kingdom? In fact, Hitwise United Kingdom reports that Facebook is the top social networking website with 53.64...

  4. UK Election 2010: What's So Bad About a Hung Parliament?

    If you look at regional interest, it's especially high for Clegg in Scotland and England as well as Manchester, Brentford, and London. In fact, the channel was the #52 Most Viewed this past week in the Directors category in the United Kingdom.

  5. UK Election 2010: Google Insights for Search Tracks Interest In Campaign

    Alastair Stewart of ITN hosted Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as they discussed domestic affairs before a Manchester TV studio audience.

  6. Meet the Conference Speakers at SES London 2009 – Part 1

    I interviewed Matt at SES London 2008 about the Ohio State Buckeyes (the college equivalent of Manchester United in American football) and the show's ability to connect SEO and SEM. If the economy in the anything like the economy in the U.S...

  7. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 29, 2005: Rev Up Your Shopping Searches, TiVo's Ad Search, ex-Googlers Blogging Away, Headhunting For Search Tech And Search Marketing Talent, An Ant Species Named After Google

    Today's search podcast covers shopping search engines, TiVo planning an ad search feature, ex-Googlers blogging about their glory days, the fight for search tech and search marketing talent, a project to create a profitable online business in...