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  1. Marin Software Stakes Claim as First Google API Partner to Support RLSA

    Advertisers can also take advantage of Marin Software’s "Audience Connect" feature to "pull data from their customer relationship management (CRM) system and pair it with third-party audience data to create more accurate, targeted RLSA campaigns.

  2. Learn With Google: 10 Mobile Marketing Tips from Googlers at #SESSF

    Smartphone bid adjustments should be treated as an ongoing part of bid management, not a "set and forget" campaign element. Marketers must allocate time to review smartphone performance and update bid adjustments on a regular basis, working to find...

  3. Big Data: An Introduction for Search Marketers

    In the last five years, Efficient Frontier, Kenshoo, and Marin Software have brought automated bid management and optimization into the reach of many more search marketers – and their algorithms are trained on big data – interpreting the trends...

  4. Adobe Partners with OptiMine in Improved SearchCenter+

    Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced a partnership with OptiMine Software Inc.adding keyword performance predictive analytics to the Adobe SearchCenter+ search marketing management system. The amalgamation of Adobe’s digital marketing and...