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Major Sins

  1. Roman Catholics Tell Your Sins To Your iPhone: There's An App For That

    Those with major sins can password protect them, but the app does not have the protection of the confessional for legal purposes. The title of the app is a little misleading, it is actually an aid to track sins and the penance given by the priest.

  2. Don't Let Your Web Site Design Become a Nightmare

    You probably should have at least heard of him, attended a session with him, watched his webinar on the "Seven Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design" or read his book, "Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for...

  3. The End of the Beginning

    The middle generation is paying for the sins of our fathers with big government and even bigger taxes. The only major search marketing conference and expo on the East Coast, SES New York will be packed with more than 70 sessions, including a ClickZ...

  4. Search Wikia Asks Users to Share the Load

    Deadly Sins Guaranteed To Kill Your Link Requests, Search Engine Land By combining Grub's distributed processing network with the power of a wiki to form social consensus, the project has taken the next major step towards a future where search is...

  5. The Crowded World of Press Release SEO

    Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media, Search Engine Guide In other words, it is getting over 100 times harder to get top ranking in the major news search engines. The panel, which was entitled "Boosting PR Results with SEO, SEM it's too crowded.