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Major League

  1. Google Brings NHL, NBA Video Highlights to Search Results

    If you search for any Major League Baseball teams, you won't find any highlight videos from YouTube in the search results, even if they just played a game last night. Google has launched a new feature that allows sports fans to see video highlights...

  2. The 11 Most Popular Sports Teams in the World in Social Video [Report]

    Chelsea (English Premier League Soccer) Manchester City (English Premier League Soccer) Be On, a division of AOL (Disclaimer: the author's employer), has released a report that analyzed the video reach and engagement of major sports teams across...

  3. 10 Google Search Changes Include Long Tail Indexing, Parked Domain Classifier

    Live results for Major League Soccer and the Canadian Football League. These posts will supplement any independent blog posts highlighting major algorithm changes. Additionally, Google has committed to writing a new post with algorithm updates each...

  4. Bing: Deals, Video Home Page, New Conduit Deal

    Among Conduit’s clients: Major League Baseball, Time Warner Cable, Univision, Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, iVillage, Groupon, and Travelocity. Bing now offers a more visual discount deal search experience with Bing Deals.

  5. Facebook: Get Educated on the Hottest Social Media Platform

    Facebook was founded by a student at Harvard University and then spread to all Ivy League Universities, then of course to the whole world, with more than 100 millions users worldwide. She has discovered that faculty gets a chance to learn the names...