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Ma Bell

  1. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    Regulation of large companies, while often overlooked, is something most believe to be beneficial; if Ma Bell hadn't been broken up by the U.S. FTC's antitrust probe into Google, the search marketing organization SEMPO issues a statement to the FTC...

  2. The Web's Wild West Days Are Gone

    Will it be like the Ma Bell breakup back in the '80s? Those days are gone, and if we're not careful, there could be dire consequences for online marketers. A 19-year-old, Shawn Fanning, created Napster 10 years ago, and that battle is still being...

  3. Build a Better Cesspool

    The process will look just like the dismantling of "Ma Bell" and it will probably be just as sloppy. This down and dirty scene reveals two armies mounting the ongoing battle to stake claim to online content.