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Lower Houses

  1. Industry confronts hard choices in CCP recovery debate

    It is often said that learning to recover from mistakes is more important than trying not to make any at all, but critics of swap market clearing houses claim the sector has got it the wrong way round – investing heavily in the infrastructure...

  2. Italy Antitrust Chief Warns of Google Publishing Monopoly

    The antitrust chief urged the lower house of parliament to extend antitrust laws to Internet media companies, like Google, which are now competing with publishing houses. Italy's antitrust chief has warned the nation's lower house of parliament of...

  3. Nordic markets warm to central clearing

    An increased focus on capital and balance-sheet usage since the crisis is also likely to spur greater use of clearing houses for derivatives. The major Scandinavian banks are now in negotiations with the leading clearing houses, including SwapClear.

  4. Questioning collateral

    Although wrong-way risk in collateral may not have been a focal point for risk managers in the past, the New York-based head of collateral believes this will change in future, particularly for clearing houses, as an increasing portion of the OTC...

  5. The road to a quality Street

    We’re discussing this at the SPA with members and possible clearing houses.Couzens: Immediately after the Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy volumes decreased and investors were more interested in principal protection.

  6. The return of risk

    Pointing out the pitfalls of trying to pick the right investments when even the big houses can’t, Allen said  diversification was the answer, while outlining the push for tougher legislation that could limit the risks that banks are allowed to...

  7. Call selling gains popularity

    But a plunge in equity markets at the start of the year, combined with high implied volatilities, has convinced some sell-side houses to recommend the strategy to clients looking for yield. Based on an expected slowdown in economic growth and lower...

  8. The Month in Review

    The Case-Shiller index of home prices, published by Standard & Poor's, delivered a bleaker snapshot of the US residential property market, with prices of houses in 20 large cities falling by 7.7% in the year to November 2007.