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Loss Online Services Division

  1. Sponsored webinar: Strengthening the defences

    Sheppard’s previous experience includes developing commercial-grade counterterrorist finance programmes alongside the Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Command, managing an online information and listings business in Shanghai, as well as...

  2. Microsoft Online Services Division Sees Loss from Stronger Dollar, Weaker Online Ads

    Digging into the Online Services division, quarterly revenue declined 13% to $731 million. However, currency issues contributed to $28 million of the loss. Online ad revenue decreased 14% to $529 million, primarily reflecting a decrease in display...

  3. Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2%

    Microsoft showed particular strength in multiyear annuity sales, which grew more than 20% during the quarter from the combined businesses of Client, Microsoft Business Division and Server and Tools. Microsoft Business Division...

  4. Time Warner to Split AOL Media and Access Divisions

    This is an obvious move, especially considering its Platform-A digital advertising division is #1 in online advertising networks. Despite TW's revenue increase of 5%, the internet property's operating income dropped a whopping 36% in the second...

  5. Trading with restraint

    Aggressively maintain clear division between front-, middle- and back-office operations and monitor the points at which they connect diligently. Managing director of SAI Global's compliance division for Europe, Middle East and Asia.

  6. Yahoo To Buy Overture

    Overture web search division chief scientist Jan Pedersen was originally with Infoseek, then landed at AltaVista, now works for Overture and looks to become a Yahoo employee. Overture was further hurt by the loss of an important distribution...

  7. The Search Engine Report - March 4, 2003 Number 76

    Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division Search Engines We've Known & Loved + Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division + Overture To Buy AltaVista + Singingfish Grows As Multimedia Search Provider + Google Buys Blogging Company - But Why?

  8. The Search Engine Report, March 4, 2003, Number 75

    Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division, Feb. Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division It took Overture-competitor Espotting a day to figure how to spin the Overture deal...