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Look In Google Onebox Results

  1. What is Valid Link Bait?

    Getting 2,500 Diggs on that post is impressive, and the OneBox parody was hilarious. As Matt noted "You can leave footprints that makes it easy for Google to spot. Matt Cutts, the bouncer at Club Google, made his opinions clear in his blog that...

  2. Q&A with Ken Jurina, President and CEO of Epiar

    The inclusion of the OneBox, as well as Sitelinks and ‘Search Within a Site' search box features, are all affecting the usability of the results in the organic listings. Google has also recently revised its display URL protocol in AdWords, and has...

  3. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    Local searches will often give you a Onebox result leading to a map, an address, and phone number. I've noticed – and I actually enjoy it very much – that you now serve personalized results to anyone with a Google account who happens to be logged in.

  4. Is Google News the Tail Wagging the News Search Dog?

    Google started including news in its OneBox results and Yahoo began including news in its Shortcuts at the top of their regular Web search results in 2004. Entering the search term 'Iraq news' in the main Google search box gets 'News results for...

  5. In the Third Week of New Year's, My SearchDay Gave to Me:

    If you consider the amount of prime real estate on search engine results pages that are often occupied by Google OneBox Results or Yahoo! To date, we’ve looked at the 12 speakers, 11 bloggers, 10 scribblers, nine Diggers, eight firms, seven forums...

  6. More on Google OneBox Results

    Today's SearchDay article, A Closer Look at Google OneBox Results, is the final installment in our series looking at the special features search engines have introduced to push "direct answers" to the top of many search result pages.

  7. More On Instant Answers, from Microsoft

    Part two of our four-part series on "instant answers" provided by Ask's Smart Answers, Yahoo's Shortcuts, Google's OneBox results and Microsoft's Instant Answers is featured in today's SearchDay article, A Closer Look At Microsoft's Instant Answers.

  8. Sizing Up Search Engine Instant Answers

    They each take a different approach to this process, with names such as Ask's Smart Answers, Yahoo's Shortcuts, Google's Onebox results and Microsoft's Instant Answers. In today's SearchDay article, A Closer Look at Ask's Smart Answers, SEW...