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Look In Birds Eye

  1. Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2011: Angry Birds, Black Swan, and Sexy Superheroes

    Other adult costumes in the top 10: Green Lantern, Where’s Waldo, The Simpsons' Duffman, Sexy Queen Bee, Tron Legacy, Angry Birds, Jersey Shore, Lady Gaga, and Sexy Pirate. The term [black swan costume] overtook [angry birds costume] in search in...

  2. If you aren't at SES Berlin, go to SES Chicago for 11 topics breaking

    For those of you who want to join in the chorus, they are: 10 authors speaking, nine trainers training, eight days a-learning, seven tracks amazing, six booths astounding, five brand new things, four keynote themes, three key trends, two early...

  3. Users and Search Engines Want the Same Things

    We need to optimize our time just like we need to approach optimizing our Web sites and "kill as many birds with one stone" as we can. Use capital letter and punctuation to draw the eye. Look for the indicators:

  4. Windows Live Local Beta is Now Online; Some Global Imagery Also Added

    From the VE Blog: "Remember that in Birds eye mode you can ROTATE your view optically to really check out an area. Almost all of the places where we have birds eye imagery will have rotated views available.if a particular orientation isn't...