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Look In Ask Jeeves Uk

  1. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    Ask Jeeves launches Web Answers in the UK. On the lighter side, Sullivan cited Barry Schwartz's marriage proposal "via search engine," the first of its kind, and facilitated by the folks at Search Marketers Look to Efficiency in 2006.

  2. Web Search History: Before Google Answers and Yahoo Answers There Was "Answer Point" From Ask Jeeves

    Postscipt: Well, it seems the Jim Lanzone from Ask Jeeves reads his email on the weekend. It was called Answer Point and came from Ask Jeeves. The service had its own logo and used the slogan: "The Ask Jeeves Answer Point is the place where you can...

  3. UK Government Pondering Changes To Searches On Suicides

    Aside from Ask Jeeves, no one's getting "suicide advice" when searching on that topic. Ask: A mixture of suicide prevention listings, general info but also two listings specifically about killing yourself: "A Practical Guide To Suicide" and

  4. End Of Size Wars? Google Says Most Comprehensive But Drops Home Page Count

    Over at Ask Jeeves and MSN, I get three matches -- the same good page for the exhibition web site I found at Yahoo and Google, but that's end. Look at these type of failure or low count queries at Yahoo and see if Google comes back with matches.

  5. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    AJ [Ask Jeeves” is far from a copycat company, in my opinion. Its Official: Jeeves PPC Search Engine Watch Forums An In-Depth Look at Yahoo Audio Search. UK: Property search engine launches. Yahoo Publisher Network Launches Webmaster World